Exploration Consultancy

 NB offers the client 100% attention to detail and the flexibility to quickly adapt to any challenges.  The principal geologist is intrinsically involved with all projects and is thus able to make the critical decisions necessary to advance exploration activities in a timely and cost effective manner.  NB has access to a wide range of technical consultants that can be brought on to any project on an as needed basis.

Project Generation & Development


NB can generate new opportunities for the client and quickly evaluate projects through a comprehensive desktop analysis and field work.  NB principal geologist, Kim Boundy, has extensive experience in this field and has successfully generated and developed projects in Nicaragua, Mexico, the Solomon Islands, Madagascar, Australia and Peru.

GIS & Cartography

NB operates quality hardware, running MapInfo Discover 2012 to manipulate and analyse geospatial data.  NB is capable of digitising historical maps and data sets and producing presentation style images to display the desired attributes as determined by the client.  Practical field maps can also be produced to aid field operations, include in reports/prospectus and further exploration programs. 

Database Solutions


Over the past five years Kim has been working with an associate to develop Access databases for geochemical and drilling data.  NB realises that a quality data set is paramount to becoming a successful explorer.  A robust data set is stored in Access with a customised user friendly front end tailored specifically for each client's needs.  The data can be queried and exported into multiple formats at the touch of a button.  Reports can also be generated to meet corporate and statutory reporting requirements.  GIS software can be linked to the database, QAQC is incorporated and assay results are imported directly into the database in their original formats.  All this means that the client spends more time generating and analysing the data and less time managing  it.  The database is designed to be operated by the client, however NB provides full support on an as needed basis and can act as the database administrator if required. 

OHS/Environmental Compliancy


NB principal geologist has previously acted as the SSE (Site Senior Executive) for multiple clients in Queensland, Australia.  This involves a high level of environmental and OHS awareness.  There is a manageable amount of risk and responsibility accepted by the client to ensure activities are conducted within the guise of the relevant guidelines.  NB can help the client to meet these requirements and operate a productive and safe exploration project.

There Are No Bounds To What We Can Achieve

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